New La-Ciudadela

This is a new site now with English, specializing of the restoration of Spanish and Portugese Buildings and furniture. It will take some time to bring this new venture together and should not be confused with the original site based in Buenos Aires. La Ciudadela is still the base for this project.

Restorations For Your Home

If you live in or are considering buying and old home with history, we can help you bring the aged back to new so it can be enjoyed for future generations. We work on stone, glass, wood and most traditional types of craftsmanship to ensure we bring your home back to how it once was.

Restorations For Buildings

It may not be your home you want restoring, it could be a business place or even publicly owned, we can help transform the history and make this building workable again. Large projects like this need contractors who know wa ht they are doing, we have access to these professionals, so there is very little we cannot do.

Antique Furniture For Your Home Or Work Place

An old home or office would not feel right without furniture to match the period and design. This cannot be bought anymore, so we have access to some great restorers, who can bring the old back to new and make very usable, even in the 21st century.Some use salvage yards to find what they a relooking for and then spend time restoring, well we can mehp with this.

Fixtures And Fittings

If you need old or antique fixture and fittings restored, we do this also, from crystal vases to large chandeliers and even brass fittings that need some love and care. We are not ready to fully fledge any projects yet, but when we are you can be assured of quality work.

Contruction Equipment

Even old buildings need modern construction equipment to complete in the strict timescales we have in the modern world, we use the modern excavators and diggers all fitted with rubber tracks, not to disturb the ground as much as we can. It is this rubber tracked machinery that allows us to get things done and keep prices down.

Promoting Our Business On The Web

Using new technology to promote old things seems to be working. Our we pressence has surely assisted in maing people aware of how restoring older things can intergarte with modern living. How we used our website and its ultimate deisgn is what is so reading the message. we used a web design company in Newcastle called Halogen to do this for us.

We also work with people who have a diploma in construction and have experience in this type of work to deliver the standards required

Van and Car leasing

We use modern leased vehicles all leased to not only give the right impression but ot keep Co2 levels down snd our carbon footprint. fuel efficientCar Leasing is a away of always having modern fuel efficient vehicles doing at least some contribution keeping things green. until we get battery only vehicles. There is also access to car lease news giving the full picture aof what is going on in the business.

The Right SEO Company

It is true that most of what we do is old, but we can't avoid how the internet has changed what we do. The internet makes restoration and related subjects open to the world, where we can all learn about processes and learning with the restoration of buildings, esoecially Italian ones. We are looking for an indication of how complex search engine optimisation has become. that can promote our services to those looking for restoration services and and to use seo to promote keeping the old as a principle.